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Grove Bank Portfolio Loan

Buy your next home first, sell your existing home later.


Learn how Grove Bank helps homeowners and buyers get the most out of their homes

By using your home's existing equity, Grove Bank makes investing in your home simple and reduces the stress of a renovation and home sale at the same time. Whether you are buying a new home that needs updates to match your family's lifestyle or want to ensure you get top dollar for your current home before you sell, Grove has you covered. Grove Bank structures a loan package that will ensure you only have one mortgage and releases the equity in your current home to make improvements.


Find the home that is right for your family

  1. Pay off your existing mortgage with a portfolio loan with a 1-year duration, up to 80% of the existing home value.
  2. Use available equity for your down payment on your new home and your renovation budget.
  3. Obtain a traditional mortgage for your new home at market rates. We have many loan options available through Grove Bank.
  4. Make improvements on either your current or new home.
  5. Move when you are ready.

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